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3 Simple Fixes for Higher Returns for Selling Houses

Before listing your house for sale in the market, look around your house and observe what are the things needed to fix so that you can get maximum profit out of it. It is extremely important to make your house attractive to potential buyers when they visit your place. Focus on the most important yet simple repairs to fix so that it boosts the value of your house. These fixes can easily be done and require less money.

There are a lot of benefits when you get things done, for instance, you will sell your house quicker, getting your home completely fixed will increase its value, buyers will have a favorable experience and above all, you do not have to reduce the price to reflect the estimated cost of repairs. In other words, we’ll not be wholesaling properties in 2019.

Here are 3 simple fixes for higher returns for selling your houses


The most important fixes to get it done is damaged flooring. Flooring can make a huge difference in the overall look of your house. If you have damaged floor consider repairing it as it can create a great impact on the potential buyers.

The simple and inexpensive way to upgrade your damaged floor is a fine coat of neutral paint or a new carpet to your house. As a result, it will brighten up your house, it will look well maintained, looks luxurious and beautiful etc.

While changing the damaged floor of your house, you should always focus on visible areas such as living room, kitchen, and bathroom. Hardwood floors are one of the most popular ones. To get a look for the same, try laminate flooring which is also inexpensive. If you already have hardwood floor, you can opt for refinishing it, it will entirely change the look of your house.


One of the most convenient and simplest ways to refresh your house is through painting. It is quite essential to fix nail holes and dents in the wall. You don’t have to book a professional to painter. However, you can paint your ceiling and walls of your house on your own to give it a new and look. There are tons of videos available on the wall paints tutorials. Additionally, it will not cost you much.

Furthermore, choosing the right color is also highly important when you’re thinking to sell the house. You must have enjoyed the different shades of colors when you were residing at your home but avoid doing this when you are listing your house for sale. As most of the buyers do

not like bright colors, it also makes rooms look smaller. It is recommended that neutral light colors are best for ceiling and walls because it attracts most people and makes your room look big. Not to mention, it is worth painting every room of your house as needed.

If you have wallpaper, consider removing it as it will reduce the value of your house. If the paint of doors & drawers of kitchen and bathroom, paints of the entrance doors are cracked or peeled, applying a fresh coat is equally important.


Apart from painting your house, there are little things which sometimes people forget to get it fixed. When we talk about Interior fixing then there are things which need to get fixed. Fix any leaks or any loose hinges. Make sure that the refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, stove, and chimney are in good condition.

Check weather cabinet doors & drawers open and closes easily or not. Unclog or replace stuck drawer tracks, broken knobs or handles. Check if water feature is running leak free or not. In addition to that, fix the lighting issues if needed or you can choose different lighting options available in the market which can make your rooms look spacious. Don’t forget to check all the things mentioned above so that you cannot lose the value of your house.

Lastly, the exterior part is equally important because it is the first place which buyers see for the first time and the first impression counts the most. Making simple and noticeable changes in the front area of your house will not cost you much.

Check all the exterior areas and make necessary changes as needed such as replace the missing fence, clean up any junk lying around your house, cut the grass, get all the things patched up, fixed the broken or missing tiles of roofs etc. These simple fixes will certainly give you higher returns when you sell your house.