4 Simple Steps To Generating Leads In 7 Days Or Less

As an entrepreneur, you are busy most of the time.

How do to you manage to juggle responsibilities and create new leads?

For instance, you may have to divide your attention between meeting your end year goals and preparing for tax seasons-plus at end month you’ll need to create and generate more leads.

Well, don’t let the schedule freak you out. You’ll have the time to implement a lead generation technique over the coming days.

If you are wondering how this RRN article will give you marketing tactics you can quickly execute in a week.

It will allow you to get more leads despite how chaotic the situation may be.

These are some tactics that you may employ to turn your online audience into customers.

Step # 1: Market your Services Through a Referral Email Campaign

In the business world, the messenger is at times important than the message they post.

Most entrepreneurs tend to forget this principle when using the old content pattern of posting, publishing and promoting.

Here, you’ll be spreading the message to as many readers as you can.

Now, relax and analyze this.

Your potential leads will most probably not know your brand image. Also, they will probably stare at your adverts. They must be able to trust you before they decide to sign up and buy your products.

But there is a challenge, how do you build trust-which takes days- and you need the leads now.

To cater for the trust factor, use your valuable marketing strategy, yet the most overlooked: your existing customers.

Most people trust the recommendations they receive from their colleagues, family members, and networks.

Segment your mailing list and get the clients who are most engaged.

These people may buy from you, participate in loyalty programs or even sign up for your events and contests. You can email them and ask to refer your services to their friends, Make the deal as sweet as possible.

Step # 2 Run a Simple Ad Campaign on Facebook With a Simple Landing Page

Facebook has over two billion users.

It is your best source for generating leads, and your audience is also here. The audience may include a particular demographic, or people who have specific behaviors like shopping patterns.

Looking for new leads?

Great, steer clear of any ad that seeks direct sales pitches. Instead, you can offer free coupons, checklist, webinar or a resources guide.

With this, send your traffic to a high target landing page- the one you can develop in fifteen minutes with the right lead pages as outlined in the clever post How to Create a Facebook Ad for Local Lead Gen and Win Big.

Probably you are wondering the contents of a good landing page. They entail the following:

  • An exciting headline to capture your audience.
  • A high-quality image to evoke the emotions and senses of your clients.
  • Some questions or benefits you enjoy when you make this purchase.
  • A call to action.
  • Customizing the message to your audience increases the chances of converting your visitors to leads.

Step # 3: Create Giveaways

Who doesn’t love gifts?

Product giveaways are very efficient in promoting your business to leads. When they are reading about the things they can win, they’ll also get more information on your brand.

The contest-entry pages constitute the highest conversion rates on lead pages. People will comfortably enter into a contest with the hope of winning a gift they want. They’ll not incur any loss and have the potential to realize all the gains.

So, are you ready to offer a gift? If yes, what are you going to give? Your business may provide their products as gifts, or they may provide vouchers for a famous store.

Once you determine the prize, set the deadline for the contest. Use the details to launch a contest page before you start promoting it.

Step # 4: Add an Upgrade to the Most Popular Blog

Use google analytics to find your most valuable content. The analytics will give you a report showcasing your page views for your pages over a given period.

Once you identify your high-traffic post, design a content upgrade that you’ll add to this page. The update should correlate to the actual topic of your blog post.

Are you rushing against time?

Use these marketing tips to create more leads to your business.

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